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About Live Stats

Q: Where is the live stats page!?

A: Every NFL stat and fantasy score on the site updates live!

So what's the best way to follow the action during games? You'll want to visit the following pages:

  • Your entire league's scoring is displayed in a game-by-game grid on the Lineup Card. Look for the Lineup Card link in the blue column on the left.
  • Your team page displays your own players' scores.
  • Your team's season schedule (on your team page) has a column named Box Score. The score of your current game is listed there as a link. Click the link to go to a Box Score page that lists stats and scores for all active and bench players for both you and your opponent.
  • Click on any player to see a list of his weekly numbers, including a live look at his current game.
  • That's just a start. Explore the entire site during games and you'll find many more pages that display up-to-the-minute player stats and fantasy scores.

Live Stats Notes
Here are a few things to keep in mind when viewing live stats and scores.

  • The data you're viewing is the best we have at the moment. If you see something wrong, don't worry! We review and update scores all game long, all day long. If you see an inaccuracy, please check back later to see if it's been corrected. If it hasn't been corrected by the following day, first double-check your other source. If you still believe our stat is incorrect, then let us know and we'll be happy to check into it. Your fantasy score is never final until Tuesday morning, so there's plenty of time to update inaccurate stats and scores.
  • Many defensive stats are not updated live during the game. Some are—stats related to turnovers and defensive touchdowns are updated live, for example. But you won't usually see tackles, assists, sacks and passes defensed appear until approximately an hour after the game.
  • If you look at your opponent's score right after kickoff of the early game and you notice his defense has already scored 10 points, that's probably because the scoring system calls for 10 points for a defensive shutout. At kickoff, the defense is currently pitching a shutout, so that team has temporarily earned the 10-point bonus. As soon as the defense gives up a point, then the defense will lose the 10-point bonus for the shutout.