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Week 1
Football Team vs. Purple People Eaters*
Team Hoffman vs. Team Tolner*
*Judge Mathis vs. cinnamonTOASTEDcrunch
TORY'S BOYS vs. Krentz's Jabronies*
*Roor All-stars vs. 6 Mile
*The Benchwarmers vs. SQUODE
Week 2
*Football Team vs. Team Hoffman
*Purple People Eaters vs. Team Tolner
*cinnamonTOASTEDcrunch vs. Krentz's Jabronies
*Judge Mathis vs. TORY'S BOYS
6 Mile vs. SQUODE*
Roor All-stars vs. The Benchwarmers*
Week 3
*Team Tolner vs. Football Team
*Team Hoffman vs. Purple People Eaters
*TORY'S BOYS vs. cinnamonTOASTEDcrunch
*Krentz's Jabronies vs. Judge Mathis
*The Benchwarmers vs. 6 Mile
SQUODE vs. Roor All-stars*
Week 4
*cinnamonTOASTEDcrunch vs. Football Team
*SQUODE vs. Team Hoffman
*Purple People Eaters vs. Judge Mathis
*Roor All-stars vs. TORY'S BOYS
Krentz's Jabronies vs. 6 Mile*
Team Tolner vs. The Benchwarmers*
Week 5
*Judge Mathis vs. Football Team
6 Mile vs. Team Hoffman*
*Purple People Eaters vs. Krentz's Jabronies
*Team Tolner vs. Roor All-stars
cinnamonTOASTEDcrunch vs. SQUODE*
*TORY'S BOYS vs. The Benchwarmers
Week 6
*SQUODE vs. Purple People Eaters
*Judge Mathis vs. Team Tolner
6 Mile vs. cinnamonTOASTEDcrunch*
*Team Hoffman vs. TORY'S BOYS
*Krentz's Jabronies vs. Roor All-stars
*Football Team vs. The Benchwarmers
Week 7
Krentz's Jabronies vs. Football Team*
*The Benchwarmers vs. Team Hoffman
Roor All-stars vs. cinnamonTOASTEDcrunch*
SQUODE vs. Judge Mathis*
Purple People Eaters vs. TORY'S BOYS*
Team Tolner vs. 6 Mile*
Week 8
*6 Mile vs. Purple People Eaters
Team Hoffman vs. Krentz's Jabronies*
Football Team vs. TORY'S BOYS*
*Judge Mathis vs. Roor All-stars
Team Tolner vs. SQUODE*
cinnamonTOASTEDcrunch vs. The Benchwarmers*
Week 9
*The Benchwarmers vs. Purple People Eaters
*Krentz's Jabronies vs. Team Tolner
Team Hoffman vs. cinnamonTOASTEDcrunch*
*Judge Mathis vs. 6 Mile
Football Team vs. Roor All-stars*
Week 10
6 Mile vs. Football Team*
*Roor All-stars vs. Team Hoffman
*TORY'S BOYS vs. Team Tolner
Purple People Eaters vs. cinnamonTOASTEDcrunch*
The Benchwarmers vs. Judge Mathis*
*SQUODE vs. Krentz's Jabronies
Week 11
Purple People Eaters vs. Football Team*
Team Tolner vs. Team Hoffman*
*cinnamonTOASTEDcrunch vs. Judge Mathis
*Krentz's Jabronies vs. TORY'S BOYS
*6 Mile vs. Roor All-stars
SQUODE vs. The Benchwarmers*
Week 12
Team Hoffman vs. Football Team*
*Team Tolner vs. Purple People Eaters
Krentz's Jabronies vs. cinnamonTOASTEDcrunch*
*TORY'S BOYS vs. Judge Mathis
*SQUODE vs. 6 Mile
*The Benchwarmers vs. Roor All-stars
Week 13
*Purple People Eaters vs. Team Hoffman
*Football Team vs. Team Tolner
Judge Mathis vs. Krentz's Jabronies*
cinnamonTOASTEDcrunch vs. TORY'S BOYS*
*Roor All-stars vs. SQUODE
6 Mile vs. The Benchwarmers*
Week 14
Krentz's Jabronies vs. Football Team*
*6 Mile vs. Purple People Eaters
*Team Hoffman vs. Team Tolner
*Judge Mathis vs. TORY'S BOYS
Week 15
*Football Team vs. cinnamonTOASTEDcrunch
*6 Mile vs. Roor All-stars
*Team Hoffman vs. SQUODE
*Judge Mathis vs. The Benchwarmers
Week 16
Judge Mathis vs. Football Team*
*6 Mile vs. Team Hoffman
*Roor All-stars vs. SQUODE
cinnamonTOASTEDcrunch vs. The Benchwarmers*