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League Configuration

Bull The Neck FFL 2010 Teams | Scoring

League Name Bull The Neck FFL 2010
Password required No
League size 12 teams
League format Three divisions of four teams
Computer chooses divisions No
Regular season 13 weeks
Playoffs 3 weeks
Playoff teams 6 teams
Who makes the playoffs Three division champs, three wildcards
Roster size 14 players
Roster positions QB RB WR TE K D 
Use Team QB No
Use Team K No
Use TE as WR No
Starters by position 1 QB, 1-3 RB, 1-3 WR, 1 TE, 1 K, 1 D
Total starters 8 players
Administrator can act as proxy Yes
Waivers system Blind-bidding
Trade approval League-private voting
Trade deadline Week 9
Game tiebreakers 1. Points scored by starters
2. Number of touchdowns by starters
3. Yardage gained by starters
4. Total bench points
5. Number of touchdowns by bench
6. Home team
Standings tiebreakers 1. Overall record
2. Points scored for
3. Head-to-head record (NOTE: does not break three-way ties or higher)
4. Division record
5. Points scored against
Draft method Live on-line draft